Monday, 16 April 2012

The end of the holidays

Tomorrow marks the start of my last ever term at school. Its a weird thought. I genuinely have no idea where the past 13 and a half years has gone. It feels like it was only yesterday I was running around carefree in the playground at my primary school, making up random games and generally being quite annoying. Its quite scary. But also exciting. I think I've outgrown school. I dont think I'll miss it too much. But I will miss some of the people there. Just some. Others I will be very happy to see the back of. And I'm not just talking about the pupils.

But tomorrow also marks the start of  a series of ISAs and EMPAs as part of my A levels. For those of you who dont know what they are, they're basically an experiment (usually completely pointless) followed by a series of questions about the experiment, and others similar to it. They're 'how science works' based. I hate how science works. I never know what they're wanting from me. And, quite frankly, I dont care about how long a paperclip is or what percentage of the iron compounds in a solution are iron ll!! Does anyone?? It definitely doesnt keep me awake at night, thats for sure. Still, 2 more weeks of it, then I dont have to do it again, ever. Now thats worth celebrating!!

So thats it, the easter holidays of 2012 are over. And they've been pretty good. During them, I:
-went to Rome
- passed my driving theory test
- slept a lot
- played laser quest for the first time in years
- did a fair bit of work.
All in all, quite successful, I think.

The next proper break will be in 2 months :D I cant wait.

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