Friday, 23 March 2012

Guess what??!!

Yes, you probably guessed it, I'm still waiting for a decision from my 4th uni. I can't believe they're taking this long. I mean it's 7 days before the UCAS deadline for unis to give decisions, for crying out loud!! Still, I've been waiting for 5 months and 16 days exactly. I guess another 7 days at most won't hurt- much.

I've been thinking about what I'd do if I didn't get Liverpool this year. First and foremost, get the grades. I'd like to throw a couple of A*s into the mix, but I highly doubt I'll manage that. Ah well, As are enough. I'd definitely take a gap year and try again. I'm definitely going to get a job, cos something tells me that med schools wont be very happy if I say that I spent the year doing sod all. I'd also like to go travelling too. Possibly go back to Argentina, but politics will probably get in the way of that. East Asia would be good, or maybe another part of South America. There's just soo many places!! I may just get a dartboard and stick a world map over it and wherever the dart lands, that's where I'll go! Unless it lands in the middle of the ocean... Then I'll just throw it again xD

Theres not really much else to say at the moment. I'm still waiting. My younger sister is currently seeing the comedian daniel sloss (which I am insanely jealous about), and I'm stuck here trying to learn what colours the solutions of transition metal complexes turn when they're reacted with various different ligands. Ahh the joys of chemistry A level...

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